Friday, November 21, 2008

Galactica Sitrep News...

Since I'm no longer in the BSG loop (much) I get most of my info from the fan sites like everyone else... and according to Galactica Sitrep (url to the right), the Sci-Fi Channel will be previewing BSG season-the-last during a Bond marathon over the Thanksgiving holiday. I will take their word for it. I will say that the spoiler ad does feature a couple shots from "The Oath." I went out with a literal bang doing that one... the episode is pretty intense, action-wise, and takes the jolly crew of Galactica down a very dark road. I don't think it's a spoiler to remind folks that since the diabolical writing staff knew this was the final run, NO character was off-limits or "safe" in terms of their series mortality. (And that's true of ALL the episodes.)

Sitrep also links to another site with a compilation of semi-spoilers for the rest of the season. Lots of speculation out there, and "speculation" is the right word, though somehow folks have managed to keep a lid on the biggest surprises.

Since I'm off in Heroes land, it's funny how "long ago" BSG is starting to feel. My last ep of BSG, "The Oath", shot in March/April, the wrap party was in July, we figured out "The Plan" not long after, and I wrote the first (potential) episode for Caprica around then too. Big flurry of stuff, then -- suddenly it's late November. So I want to see those final finished episodes as much as everyone else.