Saturday, August 02, 2014

Constantine! This Fall On NBC!

I'm so impressed with people who manage to post something every day.  Obviously I've taken a bit of a hiatus from my blog, mostly because... well, sloth when you're working 14 hour days is probably the wrong term.  But when you're at the computer all day writing/working, spending more time there versus staring into orbit becomes an easy decision.

So.  Catching up.  I am currently an executive producer on the upcoming NBC series CONSTANTINE, based on the DC Comics Hellblazer and Constantine comics.  As I write this I'm about to head to lovely Atlanta to kick up production of my first episode, co-written with fellow exec. producer and series co-creator David Goyer -- meaning we're well into shooting and making fun television.  All TV brings challenges, but we have a great group, studio (Warner Brothers) and network (NBC, obviously) who are all helping us making the best and coolest Constantine we can.

I also have to bow in the direction of the great people at DC, especially Geoff Johns, for allowing me back into the TV DCU for the first time since SMALLVILLE. They have been totally supportive of the writers and producers and if this thing works (of which I have no doubt), no small credit goes to them and all the folks who realizing the best way to do John Constantine was to, well, do John Constantine!  Replete with sarcasm, ciggies and the occasional moral ambiguity.

I'm also thrilled to be back in the saddle with composer Bear McCreary... I got to suggest blues lyrics for a very special song the other day, a rare treat.  You'll get to see the results when this episode erupts on screen this Fall!