Thursday, March 31, 2011

Wanna See Some Really Cool Clips From Falling Skies?

Then come to our Falling Skies panel tomorrow (4/1) at WonderCon, in lovely San Francisco! If I can pull myself away from buying old comic books and drooling over original art, I'll be up there with writer/producer Melinda Hsu-Taylor and star Drew Roy, aka "Hal Mason." I am told that audience members will all get a free Falling Skies comic. And, after the panel, the three of us will be loitering around the Dark Horse Comics booth signing stuff and saying "hi."

3:15PM! WonderCon! Fun! No, seriously, fun!!

Falling Skies - The Art!

Wanna see some very cool images from Falling Skies? Do you? Huh?

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Hello Birthday Visitors...

That's BirthDAY, not BirthER visitors... boy, I get a nice link from the Comics Reporter and you get to click onto my nonsense about medical jargon!

I will have some interesting news to post soon about a very exciting new project, as well as continuing coverage of the pending Falling Skies Season One unleashing. Stay tuned!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Clip to use when you land a gig writing "House" --

# 6PFP - 6-pack and a fishing pole, as in "this patient doesn't need chemo, he needs 6PFP." - Usually referring to an end-stage patient who should go die somewhere else.
# 404 moment - The point in a doctor's ward round when medical records cannot be located. Comes from HTTP 404 error "Not Found".[3]
# AGMI - Ain't Gonna Make It
# Agnostication - A substitute for prognostication. Term used to describe the usually vain attempt to answer the question: "How long have I got, doc?" [3]
# ART - Assuming Room Temperature (dying)
# ATS - Acute Thespian Syndrome (the patient is faking illness)
# Baby Catcher - an obstetrician [4]

And there are dozens more. Thanks to Andrew Sullivan's site
for the heads up.

Read the rest at:

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Falling Skies: The New Trailer!

Another taste of things to come --

Also, if the programming guide is to be believed, I will be appearing with writer Melinda Hsu Taylor and Falling Skies actor extraordinaire Drew Roy at WonderCon in San Francisco on April 1. We'll be showing clips from the show, discussing "stuff" and handing out free Falling Skies comic books to everyone who shows for the panel. So if you're in S.F. on April Fool's Day and want to catch a sneak peek, here's your chance!

Great Movie Alert: Rolling Thunder

Finally out as a DVD-R "on request" release from Amazon, Rolling Thunder features William Devane and a young Tommy Lee Jones in an unsettling little revenge tale circa 1977. Written by Paul Schrader, Thunder follows a Vietnam war vet (Devane) who runs afoul of some spectacularly evil fellows. Tragically for the bad guys, they make the classic movie mistake: messin' with the wrong hombre.

I saw this back in the day and remember it mostly for a rather visceral scene involving a hand and a garbage disposal. At the time the movie was soundly rebuked by critics and audiences alike, but it's actually a pretty cool slice of 70's cinema. I guess the world just wasn't ready for the movie's violence and grim 'tude.

In the small world department, Thunder was produced by Larry Gordon, who told several amusing tales about the film's production while I was enjoying (enduring?) meetings re: the script for Timecop. Most of the stories shall remain unrepeated (let's just say there were a lot of egos on that shoot), but Gordon was especially proud of an audience reaction card received during a test screening of the movie. I wish I could remember the exact wording (he had it framed in his office), but it was something like "the sick minds behind this movie should be SHOT!" Happily they weren't, and happily this movie is finally available!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Zee Phantom!

The new issue of Back Issue magazine, #47, features a lengthy article on various comic book incarnations of The Phantom, including an interview with yours truly. I did a 13 issue run on the character for DC back in 19*cofcof* and discuss that adventure with writer/interviewer Bob Greenberger... who coincidentally hired me for the job back in the day. The whole grisly story is revealed in Back Issue #47!

You can buy a hard copy or get a cheaper downloadable PDF from Check it out!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Wow. Just... wow.


Friday, March 11, 2011

Head Scratcher

Some NPR exec at a luncheon is caught on tape by some right wing "undercover ops" saying he doesn't much like tea-party types. He clearly labels his opinion as his own, not corporate policy, and yet for some reason that's cause for both the luncheon fellow AND the head of NPR to resign.

Fox News dudes loudly proclaim they are fair and balanced, but when the head of Fox News calls NPR "Nazies," it's laughed off as business as usual.

Like I said, a head-scratcher...

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Axe Cop = Great Comics!

From the fine folks at Dark Horse, "Axe Cop" tells the story of, well, Axe-Cop and his partner Dinosaur Soldier as they fight crime and aliens and mysterious planets. What makes Axe-Cop special? As the cover explains, it's written by six year old Ethan Nicolle and drawn by his thirty year old brother Malachai.

What you get is the glorious, unsullied imagination of six year old Ethan, translated by his brother. The first page of the first issue of the current mini-series ("Bad Guy Earth") sets the stage. Axe Cop and Dinosaur Soldier are at a diner when Axe Cop gets thirsty. He spots a cup of water on the next table and drinks it, only to be rebuked by a talking hammer. "You just drank my friend's brain!" The caption that follows explains it all:

It turned out that Mr. Hammer and Mr. Cup were having breakfast. And Axe Cop had accidentally drunk Mr. Cup's brain.

But then it's quickly off to other equally intriguing adventures. Axe Cop comes VERY highly recommended!

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Sheen or Simpson?

Charlie Sheen is a popular TV star. Alan Simpson is the former Wyoming Senator who was a member of the President's deficit commission last year. Which one said this?

“This is a fakery. If they care at all about their children or grandchildren, and sometimes I doubt that – I think, you know, grandchildren now don’t write a thank-you for the Christmas presents, they’re walking on their pants with the cap on backwards listening to the enema man and Snoopy Snoopy Poop Dogg, and they don’t like them!”

If you guessed Charlie Sheen, ding, LOSER. Thank you for playing Sheen or Simpson!

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

This Is Fun...

I blogged a few months ago about an intriguing project I found over at Janice Whaley decided to sing the lyrics and backing "instrumentals" of every "Smiths" song ever recorded, and was looking for backers to help her complete her project.

I'll be honest, I don't think I have a single "Smiths" CD in my library, but I heard a couple of the samples and found them mesmerizing. Now Janice has oversold the project enough to produce a super-cool six CD box set. Her note to her Kickstarter contributors is below, and hopefully the music will be made available to a wider audience as the set is finally unleashed.

The Smiths Project Box Set ends with mind-bogglingly successful funding!
By Janice Whaley

Dear friends!

The Smiths Project box set funding has officially ended and
I am simply overwhelmed by the level of support that has poured in over the
past few months. I really thought that
it would take three months to generate $3,500 but clearly I underestimated the
enthusiasm for the music, having reached that goal in the first few days and
ending more than 530% funded. I am so
excited to have the opportunity to make a really amazing box set. No more jewel case CD set for this
project! The 6 digi-pack CDs will be
housed in a beautiful custom box- everything amazingly designed by The Mystery
Parade and remastered by Ryan Coseboom of Stripmall Architecture.

I am currently proof-reading text and compiling lists of kickstarter
backers for inclusion in the liner notes.
Everything is in place for purchasing royalties, CDs, and posters. Things are about to happen!

Thank you all from the bottom of my heart for your
generosity. I am
astounded and humbled beyond belief. I simply can not wait to send you the box sets as soon as they are made.

All of my love and gratitude!