Monday, October 27, 2008

Fangoria Hearts My Name Is Bruce!

See the Michael Gingold/Fango review at:


The true appeal of MY NAME IS BRUCE lies in the way it conflates its star’s real-life career and fictional persona, and will be most enjoyed by those who can differentiate the bona fide tacky Campbell credits it namechecks (i.e. MOONTRAP, ASSAULT ON DOME 4) from those it makes up. The most significant of the latter is CAVE ALIEN, which on evidence of the scenes we see is truly terrible, but has managed to not only spawn sequels but land on the cover of FANGORIA. Throughout, there are in-jokes in both the dialogue and casting (Ellen Sandweiss, Campbell’s girlfriend Cheryl in the original EVIL DEAD, turns up here as Bruce’s ex-wife Cheryl), and MY NAME IS BRUCE can be seen as the ultimate love letter—with a pen dipped in poison—from Campbell to his die-hard followers.

Big Michael Taylor Interview At Galactica Sitrep

The Galatica Sitrep blog (see url to right) features a monster interview with Battlestar Galactica writer and all around good guy Michael Taylor today. Well worth checking out...

And to augment something Michael mentions in passing, yes, I did write the infamous "hybrid prophesy" speech from "Razor", and I did knock it off in about twenty minutes over lunch one day when shooting was imminent. What can I say, fictional prophesy comes easy. (If I could manage the real thing, I would have pulled out of the stock market three months ago.) Given how early we were in the production schedule on season four, it's a miracle that speech reflected future events as well as it did.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Another REVIEW! Wow!

Gratuitous TIMECOP insult aside (hey! I resemble that!), another pretty good MY NAME IS BRUCE review at --


My name is Bruce is the genius brainchild of cult movie star Bruce Campbell (Evil Dead, Alien Apocalypse) and Battlestar Galactica writer/producer Mark Verheiden (well, Verheiden also wrote Timecop but we won't go there). A brilliant piece of meta-cinema, the film stars Bruce Campbell as, well, Bruce Campbell - a vulgar, aging, divorced, cult nobody, who gets caught up in a real life adventure that very closely resembles a bad Bruce Campbell movie. And that's where the true genius lies in this otherwise imperfect film.

The, Umm, Review is In! MY NAME IS BRUCE!

First reviews of the actual finished product (as opposed to work-prints and test versions) are starting to roll in for MY NAME IS BRUCE. Check out the following:


In the end, the movie was actually pretty entertaining (how's that for a quote?)... Bruce Campbell directs, as well as stars, and turns in what I believe his best effort behind the camera. The movie looks great, the editing and lighting (cinematography, etc) is wonderful. On top of this, the acting is solid (and doesn't sport any annoying "actors" for Bulgaria), with Bruce showing us some of those old Evil Dead moves, one of such homage involving a drunken stupor and a dog bowl. It was very funny. The whole movie was funny - I found myself laughing out loud on a number of occasions, which is perfect for a movie like this.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Assorted News...

It's been extremely busy around the estate, polishing the Roman columns and tending the orchids, but in between I'm actually doing a little work...

Next week I'll be doing an on-camera interview for the BSG Season 4 Blu-Ray release... no idea when the discs are due out (hopefully around the release date of the regular DVDs, which right now are scheduled for early Jan. 2009) but I suppose that means BSG is definitely coming to Blu-Ray. Thank goodness I invested in an HD-disc player just before that format went belly up...

The trade paperback edition of my incredibly scary (and very well drawn, by John Bolton) Evil Dead adaptation is OUT and on the stands, verified 'cause I got my comp copies the other day. This is a much better read as a whole piece than as a series of comics, but they're all worth getting because I can always use more Roman columns. Very nice production job by the artistic wizards at Dark Horse, BTW!

Also, my short Halloween story (co-written with Harrison Wilcox) for the DC Halloween Special should be out now or very soon... the Elongated Man and his dead wife Sue tackle spooky trouble. Given that we're talking "Elongated Man," this one turned out pretty creepy, thanks to a wonderful art job by Dennis Calero.

And don't forget, My Name Is Bruce debuts this weekend in Austin Texas (Oct. 26) as Mr. Campbell begins his nationwide tour to flog, err, I mean, "promote" the film. If you haven't seen Mr. C. in person, you're missing some comedy gold. The dates and cities for his other appearances are all available on his website and I'll try to update if there are changes!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Horror Is About To Begin...

And no, I'm not talking about election day (or am I?). The grand "black curtain" -- whatever THAT is -- premiere of My Name Is Bruce is THIS SUNDAY in Austin Texas. And that epic screening will launch a multi-city tour where Bruce "don't call me Ash" Campbell will make personal appearances and tell you all you ever wanted to know about whatever it is piquing your curiosity...

Yes. It is about to be... unreashed!

If you want to see the best version of the trailer, go to Bruce's site (see url to the right). You can also enjoy the toe-tapping splendor of "Legend of Guan-Di", the theme music for the film and soon to be major hit (as soon as Justin Timberlake covers it, come on, Justin, there's thirty bucks in it for you!). Finally, if you need dates and cities for the tour, Bruce has got 'em on his site or you can scroll down this primitive blog.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

I Blab About BRUCE (and a little BSG)...

The current issue of FANGORIA (the one with the lovely image from SAW V on the cover) has a fairly in-depth interview with yours truly and Mr. Campbell on the entire panoply of intrigue that was, is and will be My Name Is Bruce. Plus photos! Learn the grisly truth about the original idea for Bruce, my very professional Bruce writing technique (hint, it involved beverages with "proof" on the label), and more! Somehow, a few Battlestar questions got sprinkled in too, but those looking for spoilers and/or deep insights will be, as usual, sorely disappointed.

Also in the magazine, my favorite title (well, today) for a new horror movie, TGP, or Tokyo Gore Police... because even gore needs policing. I guess.

Thursday, October 16, 2008


Straight from the man's web-page. Check his site for more info, including the updated, super-cool, great music trailer!


Hey, folks, here are the tour dates and venues for My Name is Bruce. Barring union strikes, hurricanes, flat tires or diptheria, I will be personally appearing at each of these cities to introduce the film and do a spirited Q&A afterward. Please bear in mind, this isn't a "signing," so I recommend that the only thing you bring is your smiling face. I will be doing the 3 major show every day - roughly the 7:00, 9:30 and midnight screenings I look forward to seeing you all there!

10/26 Austin, TX: Alamo Drafthouse
Black Curtain screening/premiere
with Harry Knowles.
320 E 6th Street
Austin, TX 78701

10/31-11/2 NYC: The Sunshine Theatre
143 E Houston St
New York, NY 10002

11/5 Philadelphia, PA: The Ritz
400 Ranstead Street
Philadelphia, PA 19106

11/7 Boston, MA: Kendall Theatre
1 Kendall Square
Cambridge, MA 02139

11/9 Hartford, CT: Cinema City
235 Brainard Rd
Hartford, CT 06114

11/12 New Haven, CT: Criterion Cinemas
86 Temple St
New Haven, CT 06510

11/14 Baltimore, MD: Harbor East
645 S. President Street,
Baltimore, MD 21202

11/15 Washington D.C.: E Street Theatre
555 11th Street NW
Washington, DC 20004

11/19 Columbus, OH: Landmark's Gateway Theater
1550 N. High St.
Columbus Ohio 43201

11/20 Toledo, OH: TBD 11/21-23 Detroit, MI: Main Art Theatre
118 N Main St,
Royal Oak, MI

11/28-30 Chicago, IL: Century Centre Theatre
2828 N Clark St
Chicago, IL 60657

12/1 Decatur, IL: Huston's Avon Theatre
426 N. Water St.
Decatur, Illinois 62523

12/3 Madison, WI: Sundance
430 N Midvale Blvd
Madison, WI 53705

12/5-7 Minneapolis, MN:Lagoon Theatre
1320 Lagoon, Avenue
Minneapolis, MN 55408

12/12 Seattle, WA: Varsity
4329 University Way NE
Seattle, WA 98105

12/13-14 Portland, OR: Fox Theatre (AKA Fox Tower 10)
846 SW Park Ave
Portland, OR 97205

12/15 Medford, OR: TBD

12/17 San Francisco, CA: Embarcadero Center
One Embarcadero Center, Promenade Level
San Francisco, CA 94111
Bridge Theatre
3010 Geary Blvd
San Francisco, CA 94118

12/18 Berkeley, CA: California Theatre
2113 Kittredge Street (Between Oxford and Shattuck)
Berkeley, CA 94704

12/19-21 Los Angeles, CA: Nuart Theatre
11272 Santa Monica Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90025


Thanks to Amazon U.K., I just received the PAL/Region 2 DVDS for BSG Season 4 and a box set that has the entire series through season 4. Haven't opened them yet -- hey, I've seen 'em! -- but the boxes are cool.

I guess it's a matter of rhetoric, but evidently for marketing reasons the U.K. is now calling what the troops in the BSG trenches called "season 4", which was 23 episodes total including two episodes allocated for RAZOR, "season 4" and "season 5." #4 has 12 episodes, counting 2 for Razor, and I assume season 5 will probably have the last eleven shows and maybe even "The Plan." I do not presume to know the inner workings of whatever deals have been made in this regard, though, so that is what we in the television business euphemistically call "a guess."

The Amazon website listed the boxset as "The Complete BSG", though, and that's not true. Complete until now, yes, complete through what they're calling season 4, absolutely, but "complete" as in every episode of the show? Not so true. However, if you don't have any of the series and would like everything out so far in PAL format, well, here you go!

What The Hell is Wrong With Denis Leary?

Denis Leary has a new book out where he mimics idiot talk-show host Michael Savage and makes fun of autism and autistic kids. Evidently there some new, demented meme in the world that suggests autism is just an excuse kids and parents employ to cover up for laziness and/or stupidity. Here's the "money" quote:

"There is a huge boom in autism right now because inattentive mothers and competitive dads want an explanation for why their dumb-ass kids can't compete academically ... Yer kid is NOT autistic. He's just stupid. Or lazy. Or both." -- Denis Leary in his book 'Why We Suck'

I'm trying to understand when it became fair game to unleash tirades on autistic kids. What in the world is that about? Is this jackass so desperate for attention that he'll uncork some ridiculous assault on defenseless kids and their struggling parents, then actually brag publicly that it's his "favorite chapter" in his book? Is this the new publishing strategy? Write something so vile, insensitive and just plain stupid that civilized people can't help being caught up short, like cars passing an accident scene, gawking at the pointless destruction?

And what's next? "Wheelchair bound people are just lazy! Why don't you wimps just get outta those chairs?!" Maybe blind people could use a dose of Leary's oh-so-impressive good sense. "Just open your eyes, idiot!" Imagine the hilarity!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Dexter, Battlestar, Heroes, Bruce UPDATE EXTRA!

Tonight's episode of Dexter (destined to be rerun repeatedly on Showtime, I imagine) was directed by John Dahl, who by startling coincidence also directed my last writing effort for Batttlestar Galactica. John's made some great movies (his noirish Red Rock West is oft quoted in writer's rooms, I've discovered) and he was great to work with, so it's fun to see more Dahl in the tele-verse.

Last I heard, work continues feverishly on finishing the final season of BSG, and lovely Jane Espenson was finally allowed to retreat to Los Angeles after finishing her duties on the BSG movie, "The Plan." I would offer more juicy insider info, except... I don't have any. I'm waiting as anxiously as everyone else to see how these suckers finally turn out!

Meanwhile, there's more Heroes excitement tomorrow night at 9:00PM, so check it out!

And finally, the Alamo Drafthouse premiere of the Bruce Campbell masterwork, My Name Is Bruce, has been officially announced. I, tragically, will not be able to attend, but look forward to reading all the dirt once Bruce unveils our little opus. And the plan is still on for a tour of various American cities and big screen unspoolings of the movie critics across America are calling "the next Bruce Campbell movie!" Me, I'll definitely in at the Los Angeles event (12/19 - 12/21) and fingers crossed, the glorious unveiling in Portland, Oregon. Keep your eyes peeled for the theater locations and times...

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Springsteen And His Music Of Hope...

As I plow ahead through a difficult time, I find myself turning to some of my favorite music for a certain comfort. And I find that no one over the years has raised my spirits more than Bruce Springsteen. His albums are great, but his material really comes alive in concert. There are a bunch of great live shows available at Amazon, and of course the internet is a font of (ahem) unauthorized audience recordings. I wish (and given the world, the wish may come true some day) that Bruce would follow the lead of bands like The Who and Crowded House and release all his performances to an eager world, but barring that, we get to dream...

From the recent array of tour songs, it feels like Springsteen's mood mirrors mine... he's been mixing his great new material with a whole bunch of oldies, both from the catalog and very early tours. Looking back, enjoying what was, but still looking forward.

Crazed fans are pointing to the show below as one of the best of Springsteen's entire career, and I have to say, it's right up there. If you're a Springsteen fan, the set-list will give you chills. The resurrection of "Drive All Night" (one of my all time favorite Springsteen moody-building-ballads), incredibly rare covers like "Mountain Of Love" and "Then She Missed Me" (I don't think he's done either since 1975) and "Little Queenie"... St. Louis got mighty lucky last August.

Some are afraid the "closing night" quality of this tour suggests it could be the last for Springsteen and the E Street Band. I selfishly sure hope not. I have enjoyed his work for 35 years now and I'm fully prepared to enjoy another 35. I have no doubt he has more surprises up his endlessly talented sleeve...

Anyway, here's the set-list out of a fan's dreams...

August 23, 2008
St. Louis, Missouri
Scottrade Center

Then She Kissed Me [Tour Premiere—Crystals cover. First since 1975]
Radio Nowhere { lyrics }
Out In The Street { lyrics }
Adam Raised A Cain { lyrics }
Spirit In The Night { lyrics }
Rendezvous { lyrics }
For You { lyrics }
Mountain Of Love [Tour Premiere—Harold Dorman/Johnny Rivers cover. First since 1975]
Backstreets { lyrics }
Gypsy Biker { lyrics }
Because The Night { lyrics }
She's The One { lyrics }
Livin' In The Future { lyrics }
Cover Me { lyrics }
Mary's Place { lyrics }
Drive All Night { lyrics }
The Rising { lyrics }
Last To Die { lyrics }
Long Walk Home { lyrics }
Badlands { lyrics }

Girls In Their Summer Clothes { lyrics }
Jungleland { lyrics }
Detroit Medley
Born To Run { lyrics }
Dancing In The Dark { lyrics }
Rosalita { lyrics }
American Land { lyrics }
Thunder Road { lyrics }
Little Queenie [Tour Premiere—Chuck Berry cover. Ultra rare]
Twist And Shout

Monday, October 06, 2008


Not really sure how to write about this... my mother Caroline passed away last Tuesday after an eighteen year struggle with Parkinson's Disease and Alzheimer's. She would have been 79 this month. It's been a very difficult time for the family, especially my father... they had celebrated their 59th wedding anniversary in August. Despite her significant health challenges, he was there for her every step of the way.

When we talk about heroes, my Mom was the real deal. She was always there for her family, always, and never complained as these awful diseases progressed. When her starry-eyed son dreamed of writing for a living, she never batted an eye and backed me one hundred percent. She did the same for all her four sons. And she was a rock for my father. I can't remember them ever exchanging a single cross word, or "arguing" over anything more significant than where to have lunch. It was truly one of those fairy tale matches romances. And knowing my Mom, she would have been embarrassed to hear it described that way. Because being nice was just... her.

Some have asked how they might remember her. The Oregon Parkinson's Center at the link below was a great help to my parents over the years.

Friday, October 03, 2008


Because of a death in the family, there won't be any updates for a few days. Back soon...