Sunday, August 23, 2009


I had zero interest in Twitter, tweeting or twitter-ing until I saw this... the url is self-explanatory.

(I was directed toward this site from Andrew Sullivan's blog "The Daily Dish, at

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Inglourious Basterds

Well, I liked it. After studiously avoiding as much press as possible (and yet still having the ending spoiled at some point), I decided to check a few reviews post-viewing to see what the hoi polloi had to say. Most of the notices were favorable, but a few complained about the movie's lengthy running time and meandering pace.

I guess I'm not part of the "cut every two seconds, please" generation, because I enjoyed the leisurely pacing, especially since in this movie, unlike others I shant mention (*cofDeath Proof*cof) the pacing built to some pretty impressive drama and/or violence.

Others have mentioned the opening sequence, which is an amazing piece of writing and staging and acting considering 9/10ths of it involves a couple of guys sitting at a table. But then you're reading the very exciting thoughts of a guy who has seen My Dinner With Andre at least five times, and could handle another viewing right this minute! What's impressive about Basterds is that there are at least two other sequences just as involving and compelling.

And I have to say, without revealing any plot points, that I love the audaciousness of the storyline. Didn't like the way World War Two played out? Well maybe it's time for a rewrite! Next up for Q.T., the Titanic misses that iceberg and Lincoln ducks!

Friday, August 14, 2009


This piece by Mark Evanier...

...reminds me of a couple of parking related incidents I noticed while working on various studio lots. I had a great office at Universal for several years that overlooked a lot packed with famous names. I am not ashamed to admit I'm still a star-gazer ("hey, was that Brian Setzer of the Stray Cats?!") so this was a fun place to wile away the writing hours.

I will note that it is always a mistake to park in someone else's marked spot. I used to think this wasn't such a big deal until I got my own spot, and someone inevitably parked there when I was running late and/or was in a bad mood. If I hadn't been a bad mood before, the stolen space would definitely put me there. In his piece, Mark Evanier mentions being blocked in by an *ahem* important movie star who was too busy to leave his keys with the parking valet (now THAT'S busy!), but I've seen considerably worse.

One time a sad messenger parked in a movie star's spot to drop off a package... at exactly the wrong moment. Said movie star rolled in and deliberately parked behind the guy (blocking half the driveway, I might add), caging the messenger in then refusing to give anyone to the keys to move his car for two hours. For the first fifteen minutes I thought the movie star was justified, but after that it was just mean...

The most dramatic incident, involving the same parking impaired star, came one evening when I happened to be giving a friend a tour of the lot. We were coming back to my office when I saw a familiar Land Rover pulling out. "Hey, look," I said, "that's ***** ****!" My pal was suitably impressed and we both watched as ***** backed out, and out, and out -- until he smashed into the parked car behind him! There was a clatter of broken glass, then ***** gunned it and got outta there! Moments later, a woman ran out of the building in disbelief. Her car had taken the hit and she wanted to know who did it. "It was ***** ****," I said, and her face fell. She knew there really wasn't much she could do about the damage at that point.

Ahh... memories...

Sunday, August 09, 2009

More Examples Of Goodness In This World...

Law and Order: Criminal Intent -- marathon!

International Pop Overthrow Vol. 12 was just released. 3 CDs of brand new pop rock, a great sampler (70 tracks! 70 bands!), and CHEAP. Available from!

Blu-ray Battlestar Galactica. I finally was able to watch an episode from season 4.5. My jaw dropped, as usual, at the insanely great work by our special FX crew.

Tubular Bells Special Edition. I love the Exorcist-ey feel I get when I put this one. Remastered and rejiggered by maestro Oldfield himself!

30,000 (!) songs on the i-pod!

Talking Points Memo (the website)!

Elvis Costello on August 18th at the Greek!

The Hard Case Crime paperback reissue series. Dozens of classic and new crime novels, with very cool covers!

District 9 looks good!

More goodness as it accumulates...

Sunday, August 02, 2009

More Proof Of Goodness - Battlestar Wins TCA Award

The Television Critics have spoken, and Battlestar Galactica won their "Program Of The Year" award for 2008.

Speaking of Battlestar, the packaging on the "Complete Series" box-sets (both Blu-Ray and regular DVD) is pretty amazing. I haven't actually rewatched any of the episodes (hey -- I lived 'em!) but if the high def quality is anything like the HD broadcasts, I'm sure they look swell.

Saturday, August 01, 2009

Proof There Is A Goodness In This World

Roadhouse is out on Blu-Ray!

Jerry Lee Lewis, "Live In Hamburg" on CD. One of the best live rock shows EVER!

Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band are still touring!

Russ Heath won a lifetime achievement award at this year's ComicCon (at 85!) and I was able to buy two incredible watercolor comic book cover recreations from the man!

"Little Arrows" by Leapy Lee! (It's a song, he's a singer.)

Crab won-tons at Duke's in Malibu!

Margaritas (straight up, no ice) at El Coyote!

Amoeba Records is only four blocks from the Heroes offices!

Ditto the Arclight Cinemas!

The Battlestar Galactica Season 4 CD by Bear McCreary!

377 days of music on the ol' i-pod!

Dave Brubeck is still touring (at 89)!

Paul McCartney is still touring!

"12 In A Room" by Mark Johnson (it's a CD, he's writes and sings)!

The Daily Show!

Mr. Majestyk with Charles Bronson was on HD-TV!

The new Star Trek movie was good!

A Japanese CD reissue of the Talking Heads "Speaking In Tongues" album complete with the original limited edition (and now tiny!) Robert Rauschenberg graphics!