Saturday, November 15, 2008

Fans Practice Their Love For My Name Is Bruce!

Fans (and Baltimore critics!) just LUV them the Bruce!


The main gag is that Bruce isn’t a super cool, outgoing and appreciative movie star; rather he is a womanizing, drunken, asshole. Bruce plays “himself” way over the top and its pure joy to witness. It goes without saying that if you even remotely enjoy Campbell, you will love this film.

To be honest, the film is rock solid. It melds the slapstick horror humor of Evil Dead II with the brutal beheadings of Tim Burton’s Sleepy Hollow. My Name is Bruce is more funny than scary, but really the film is just a vehicle to allow fans to relish in the greatness of Campbell. Even though he runs the gamut of deplorable acts it’s still easy to love him! Though Bruce eventually has a “coming of age” moment it’s still not that profound (and he remains a dick-face pretty much till the bitter end). As an added treat you get not one, but three separate roles from the always dependable Ted Raimi.