Friday, November 14, 2008

Baltimore Is Bruce Country!!

Another good Baltimore review of the ever popular My Name Is Bruce...


Bruce isn't only a Campbell love-in, though, as some of the best gags rely are plain, old-fashioned goofiness. The mayor of Gold Lick shows "Bruce Campbell" a slideshow to explain why Guan-di is in their town, and offers an image of the local newspaper from when the mining accident happened: the story warrants maybe a square half-inch of coverage on the front page. Even better, this tale is recounted in the opening prologue as a jaunty little folk ditty sung by two men, the refrain of which goes, "Guan you, Guan me, Guan-di." And Bruce may be the only movie ever made in which tofu becomes an integral part of the climatic final battle. So while My Name is Bruce might not have that much to say about the proverbial human condition, it is both a profoundly silly and entertaining ride.