Monday, September 08, 2008

Man On Wire...

Caught the excellent documentary MAN ON WIRE over the weekend, and it's well worth seeking out in theaters. The story of the French fellow (Phillipe Petit) who famously walked a tight-rope between the World Trade Center towers back in 1974, the movie plays like a thriller, but with surprisingly emotional overtones. I knew about the walk, but seeing the prep and getting a feeling for the obsession that drove this guy to put the "mission" together is fascinating.

The reason to see it on the big screen is for the scale of his achievement, I just don't think the magnitude of what he did will come across as dramatically on television. Oddly, his wire-walk between the towers of Notre Dame looks even more harrowing than the World Trade Center, because he's not quite so high and you can actually see him from the ground. At 110 stories, he was hard to spot between the twin towers!

At any rate, it's a fascinating story, well told. Check it out!