Saturday, September 13, 2008


I find myself in the curious position of having been involved in three different shows that are still on the air. Curious for me, anyway, since my first two television producing efforts were classic "out in nine" ventures, canceled practically before they had a chance to air. But HEROES is currently in season three (I'm involved in the arc that will run in 2009, after the incredibly cool VILLIANS arc that debuts on MONDAY SEPT. 22, that's MONDAY, SEPT 22!), BATTLESTAR'S final 11 episodes will unspool starting in January (last I heard) and SMALLVILLE, which I was involved in during the first three seasons, will debut its eighth (!) season this Thursday.

There's been a bit of a sea change at SMALLVILLE since my niece Alissa started interning there this Summer. Yes, she saved the show! (That's what SHE told me!) Aside from her Herculean efforts, my pals Todd Slavkin, Darren Swimmer, Kelly Souders and Brian Peterson were elevated to executive producer/showrunner status this year. I'm curious to see what unfolds this season and look forward to much Superguy excitement.

Meanwhile, HEROES is going to be blowing some eyeballs outta their sockets this season with their new storylines. Great guest cast, wild surprises and tons of action. Coolest for me, I'll be enjoying my debut run on HEROES and the BATTLESTAR swan-song simultaneously. Now if the fine folks at the Sci-Fi network would just pick up CAPRICA...