Friday, September 05, 2008


Got the latest Smithereens collection of Beatles covers, and it's another winner. There are good Beatles covers (Joe Cocker) and there are bad ones (William Shatner); these definitely fall in the "good" category. 12 songs, short and sweet, cool liner notes, it's a must have/double bag item! Amazon has 'em cheap, but I've been buying more new stuff at one of the few surviving record stores, just to keep SOME brick and mortar music retailers in the picture...

Continuing on the musical front, my latest obscure obsession is a South African soul band from the 60's called "The Flames." They released four LPs back in the day, and while there isn't much info on line about them, I gather that while their lead singer died some time ago, the rest of the band reforms now and again for reunion shows, etc. In terms of the music, imagine John Fogerty singing Stax, with a funky horn section. I don't know if there are any legit CDs available... I can't find them, but I'll admit I haven't had time for my usual diligent search. Still, the vinyl is around and enterprising gray market folks have gathered their entire recorded history for the "devotee."

Oh, and HEROES Season two was just released on DVD! Good, 'cause I was tired of watching my Amazon downloads. And the DVD set has a zillion extras! Catch up and get ready for a rousing season three!