Sunday, February 23, 2020

Original Art Friday 2/7/2020 Tom Yeates!

Some may chart the decline of Western civilization with the election of one politician or another, but me? I say things started going to hell when they stopped lettering comic-book art directly on the pages and switched to (mostly) computer generated overlays. Because that's how I ROLL, especially on ORIGINAL ART FRIDAY, that one glorious day of the week when all else is shunted aside for a display of another page of art wrenched from the shelves of the MV archives...

Today it's a really, really nice page drawn by the amazing Tom Yeates, from a Tarzan story that appeared in Dark Horse Presents #143. I don't have the full story at hand, but it appears Tarzan and his lady-friend have run into a bit of a squall... but I have a feeling Tarzan will pull out the save.
Sometimes I'm asked, Mark? What sort of knot would YOU employ when lashing a lady to a mast?

And after I ignore that non-sequitur (but the correct answer is a Buntline Hitch, of course), the next question is usually, what the hell were you thinkin' when you picked up that one piece of art over another? Well, sometimes I'm trying to fill a gap in my "I want one great example of art by all my faves" obsession. Sometimes the price is right. And sometimes, like with this page, it just tickles my art-bone. The kinetic energy of the water, produced by an expert manipulation of the duo-shade process and just good drawing, knocked me out.

Plus the doggone lettering is on the doggone page!

For those intrigued enough to explore further, check out Mr. Yeates' website at, where you'll find all sorts of great work, and you can learn more about Tom's impressive career. Meanwhile, gape for a bit at this lovely example, then go back to lamenting the fall of Western Civilization at your leisure...

(ADDED: because credit should go where credit is due! Story written by Tom Yeates and Stephen Bissette, drawn by Yeates, lettered by Steve Dutro and edited by Randy Stradley.)

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