Sunday, March 16, 2008

WizardWorld LA 2008

Saturday's screen-writing panel was fun, it's always great to meet other writers (one of the few silver linings of the WGA strike) and the audience was cool, lots of good questions. It's always complicated offering advice on breaking into the film writing business, since there's really no single answer, and what might work for one person could be a disaster for someone else. I broke in by writing a comic book that was optioned by a producer with a studio deal, with the proviso that I write the screenplay. But to do that you need to first break into comics (probably harder than making it in the movie business) AND control your own original material... the head spins!

The Wizard show itself was a blur of dealers, artists and costumes, including a lot of stormtroopers. Have to admit, the L.A. Convention center is not my favorite venue in the world, but then downtown L.A. isn't my favorite place, either.

For a good rundown of the panel and our shared wit and whimsy, go to:

We also shot a short video segment for "Wizard TV" (at the same site as above) but either it's not up yet or it was too gruesome for public consumption...

*LATE ADDITION, don't know how it slipped my mind, but I also bumped into the great Aaron "Chief Tyrol" Douglas at the show, who was kind enough to point me toward my panel (I got lost). Hell of an actor and blessed with a keen sense of direction as well!