Monday, November 06, 2006

My Name Is Bruce UPDATE

I've just seen Bruce Campbell's director's assembly of MY NAME IS BRUCE, and while this is obviously biased, I'll just say it -- there are some gut-bustingly funny scenes in this baby. If you're a fan of Bruce's, umm, more "manic" style in the EVIL DEAD movies, you're gonna be in hog heaven. There is one crazy take of Bruce simply trying to get a door unlocked that had me falling out of my chair... it's great to finally see the madness come together!

Post production continues and we're still looking at a theatrical release for 2007, so keep watching your multiplex!


Deckle said...

Your the greatest Mark. Start writing the sequel, because My Name Is Bruce is going to be great. Get Bruce on Galactica. Thanks.

Paddy_in_Dundalk said...

Hurray,bruce = God
Mark = Jesus

Timewalker said...

I am soooo ready for this!

Anonymous said...

My name is Bruce is gonna RULE!!!
But what is that about writing an expanded comic book adaptation of the original EVIL DEAD movie???
More info pleaseeeee.....
thanks in advance