Saturday, February 09, 2008

WGA Strike - Days 96 and 97 (the last day?)

The AMPTP and the WGA negotiators put in a classic all-nighter and have reached a tentative agreement. For those interested in the details and a summary of the actual deal, click on the United Hollywood url to the right and all will be revealed.

Tonight's full membership meeting at the Shrine promises to be interesting. I suspect there will be much venting over what the new deal did not achieve, but if we've trusted our leadership this far, then jumping overboard at the last moment doesn't make much sense. And the uncomfortable truth, as was explained to me by one of the negotiating committee members earlier this week, is that if the WGA rejects this deal, we lose our leverage. At this point there can still be a truncated pilot season, networks shows could possibly go back into production and the Oscar-cast can happen. Past that, writers would have no leverage until SAG goes out June 30. Me? I don't think any possible incremental improvements we might get by holding out for another four + months would be worth the financial devastation that would befall writers, actors, directors, production people and "the town." If that doesn't sound open minded, well, I guess it's not.

Hopefully this ends tonight...