Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Evil Dead #2, Battlestar, My Name Is Bruce UPDATE

The second issue of my four-issue comic book adaptation/expansion of the first EVIL DEAD movie will be out Feb. 13, according to "inside sources" (the Diamond Distributing catalog). Reviews (and sales) for the first issue have been really solid, and the series just picks up steam from here. I'm just happy that John Bolton's incredible painted artwork is receiving the raves it deserves.

And I suspect the whole BATTLESTAR GALACTICA loving world knows this already, but the official Sci-Fi channel premiere date for the post-RAZOR season four is now FRIDAY, APRIL 4. Early review copies of the first two eps have gone out (I know because a friend got one) so plot details may start creeping out across the internet soon. Just to reiterate for concerned fans, the first eleven episodes of season four were shot and wrapped before the strike, and I believe the plan was always to break this part of season four into two ten episodes chunks, so... you'll get the full measure of BSG once the show begins to run.

In other news, the long awaited feature film MY NAME IS BRUCE is hours away from final delivery to the distributor, per Mr. Bruce Campbell himself. I still don't have an official release date for the DVD (though "Summer 2008" continues to be the general target), or word on whether there will be any theatrical showings, but the movie is finally, really, finished. Chinese demons, Ted Raimi, Bruce Campbell, "you wanna move that hand?"... soon all will be revealed!