Saturday, February 16, 2008

Trust Me...

When I was working on SMALLVILLE the series, my friends, it seemed like the Lex Luthor character would say "trust me" at least once or twice an episode. Like, "Trust me, Clark, I have no idea how that Kryptonite got in your coffee" or "trust me, Lana, it's not just a bald spot." I got the "trust me" meme so ingrained into my writing mind that it started to seep into other scripts, until I went through a (not to be named) draft of a script with the "find and replace" search and found something like six versions of the phrase. I have since banned "trust me" from my dialogue vocabulary. You shall never see those two words in confluence in my work again! Trust me!

This comes up because I think John McCain might want to consider a similar phraseological ban. He's taken to using "my friends" as almost Tourette's-style punctuation during every public oration, and it's getting out of hand. It's a swell sentiment, John, but enough already! Aside from the fact that I doubt all those folks are, in fact, your friends (if they are, your Facebook page must be ah-mazing!), why not try "pals", "comrades", "amigos", "buddies", "chums", "compadres," but pul-ease give "my friends" a rest!