Thursday, February 07, 2008

WGA Strike - Day 95

Yesterday's "Sci-Fi Channel fan day" was great, lots of people showed up and a good time was had by all. Well, as good as you can have carrying a "strike" sign. I did an on-camera interview for our friends at the Canadian Space Channel discussing both BSG season four and the Evil Dead comic, so North of the Border-ers, keep your eyes peeled. Also, BSG cast members Kate "Ellen Tigh" Vernon and Michael "Sam Anders" Trucco were on hand. Michael, who was in a serious car accident a few weeks ago, has clearly enjoyed a quick and complete recovery and it was great to see him.

Post strike, almost the entire BSG writing staff retired to the nearby Acapulco for margaritas. It was just like being back in the writer's room, except with better refreshments!

In strike news, our line was briefed by Marc Cherry and Shawn Ryan on the next steps. Basically (as I understand it, given the difficult of hearing on a busy street corner), the negotiating committee will be taking the temperature of the membership at Saturday's mass meeting and then decisions will be made. Details of the proposed deal are still not available to the rank and file, but one gets the feeling that it is being at least tacitly endorsed by those in the know. I guess a lot rides on that Saturday gathering.