Thursday, February 28, 2008

My "Strike Blog"

I notice that the Los Angeles Times still has a "Strike News" page up at their website, which lists this sad little blog as one info source. With the strike now officially over, anyone who clicks to here from the L.A. Times expecting the latest on the WGA's internecine politics is liable to be perplexed by my laudatory pieces on stuff like the band Squeeze and old Real McCoys comic books.

I've never really done a mission statement for this thing, it really springs out of my lifetime affection for writing my own little magazines (in between paying work) and sharing those thoughts with friends. Now I don't even have to resort to Kinkos or the HP printer, I can release my latest brainstorm (ha!) electronically for whomever cares to see. I know some folks try to narrow the focus of their blogs (my pal John, for instance, only discusses the Beatles on his excellent site, and Jane Espenson focuses on writing tips), but this is just my little smidgen of self-expression in our media saturated world.

In other words, don't expect too much strike news for awhile...