Thursday, February 21, 2008

HD-DVD is Dead. Pick At The Bones Now!

So the announcement from Toshiba that they'll no longer manufacturer HD-DVD players pretty much cedes the battle to Blu-Ray. However, if you were an early adapter (aka, "idiot") like me and actually popped for an HD player, there are some pretty good bargains on HD discs at Amazon. Amazon's cut the prices in half on a bunch of discs, and the indie-sellers are under-cutting even further. I just picked up Carpenter's THING at the new lower price, figuring it'll play just fine until the next format comes along, or Universal releases them on Blu-Ray. Of course, all loyal Famous Verheidens readers have already coughed up their green for the HD versions of BATTLESTAR GALACTICA season one and TIMECOP the movie. Right? Right? Are those crickets?

And if you wait 'til the end of the year and hold on to your player, you'll probably be able to get almost any HD release for pennies. Somehow I don't think these babies are going to become collector's items anytime soon.