Friday, February 22, 2008

New/Old Nick Lowe...

Nick Lowe's first solo album, "Jesus of Cool", has just been reissued by the fine folks at YepRoc Records. With ten bonus tracks and the obligatory remastering, this swank deluxe edition brings the same smile as the original record, way back in 1978. As others have noted, anyone who can write a song about an unfortunate actress who died at home and was eaten by her dog ("Marie Provost"), offering the perky couplet "she was a winner, who became the doggie's dinner," is okay in my book. Lowe's most recent releases have been much more, umm, "mature", but my affections still lie with his rock and roll period.

This release also comes with an informative booklet written by Will Birch, who teamed with Rockpile's guitarist Billy Bremner on some cool songs way back when.

Incidentally, Lowe's collaboration with guitarist Dave Edmunds, Rockpile's "Seconds of Pleasure", was also reissued a couple years back in a new edition with extra tracks. Both are well worth another listen (for older fans) and discovering (for you friggin' kids).