Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Me First and the Gimme Gimmes - New Singles!

And I'm talking "singles" in the classic sense, 45RPM vinyl records in cool little seven inch sleeves. The Me First gang are a gaggle of players from bands like NOFX who do hardcore punk covers of famous songs. They've done the 70's, Broadway show tunes, the 60's, and most recently a country-western covers album. After each CD/LP release, the band releases a batch of 45's with non-album B-sides and funny, stolen art covers. They're putting out five different singles following their "Love Their Country" record, some on square vinyl, various different colors and anything else that strikes their fancy.

The five singles are "Cash", "Dolly", "Willie", "Kenny" (as in Rogers) and Jerry (as in Reed), and they're all worth getting. Unfortunately, pressings are limited and sell-out almost immediately, making eBay the best place to find copies. But it's worth it; we're talking great songs and everybody needs a stack of 45's. Check it out!