Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Comics You Should Buy: Hot Wire #2

At $22.95, this isn't a casual buy, but this large format, 150 page + full color anthology series from Fantagraphics is worth the bucks. The stories are all over the place, ranging from the abstract to slice o' life, but the artwork's mostly amazing and the "stories" often compelling. My favorite's a laugh out loud strip called "In The Trenches" by Christian Northeast, which somehow perfectly captures the dull, bureaucratic ennui of a guy flexing what tiny power he has in an absurd circumstance. There's also an excellent Western story that contrasts the real life story of Sheriff Sam Cartwright with the possible movie versions of the same events.

I'd offer an Amazon link, but they don't carry it, so give your local comic shop a try, or go to fantagraphics.com and try their crack mail-order department.