Friday, March 14, 2008


*I will be at the WizardWorld L.A. show on Saturday 3/15, joining a panel on screenwriting. Here's the blurb, one more time:

3:00-4:30 P.M.
Petree Hall
Want to know the secret to writing a great screenplay? Or maybe how to get your screenplay sold? Or just want to hear about the next great wave of comic-based projects? This is the panel as we bring together a collection of writing superstars: Zak Penn ("The Incredible Hulk," "The Avengers"), Mark Verheiden ("Teen Titans"), John Cox ("Sgt. Rock"), Justin Marks ("Masters of the Universe," "Street Fighter," "Voltron" and "Super Max") and Carl Elsworth ("Red Eye", "Disturbia", "Y: The Last Man") for an event to remember. A must for budding screenwriters! For info on tickets and etc., go to

* There is a banner ad on my "sitemeter" site (they keep track of the hits on blogs like that) for the Battlestar Galactica Season Three DVD set, so it looks fairly certain they'll be out on March 18. For those looking forward to season four but who haven't seen the last season, or have been waiting for the DVDs so you can catch up on events with pristine sound and video (hi Steve and Cindy!), you might want to thread those babies up before season four starts (April 4, 10:00PM, Sci-Fi Channel). Apparently there will be a couple of recap-type shows running on Sci-Fi just before season four debuts, so that's another way to remind yourself of where we stand in the BSG firmament...

* Mark Evanier ( has been mulling the trailer for the movie All That Jazz and the way it undersells the dramatics of the film in favor of the "Chorus Line"-esque musical numbers. A reader chimed in and said that when he was working in a theater during the movie's original run, there were numerous walk-outs from folks who has expected a nice musical, based on the ads. It reminds me of when I attended (actually, I must have snuck in, since it was R rated) a first night screening of the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Fans of the film will remember the moment, about a half hour in, when the hulking Leatherface puts a writhing young lady on a, well, meathook. Two older ladies sitting behind me stood up in a huff and marched down the aisle, demanding their money back because (and this is the exact quote) "we thought this was a detective movie!!"