Sunday, March 30, 2008

I Blab About Battlestar...

I did a short internet radio interview for my friends at ComicMix a few weeks ago, which has just gone up at their site. This was done not long after the writing staff had returned to Galactica in February, so I was in the "no spoilers" zone big time. I did a much longer interview with one of their staffers that will be appearing in print sometime this week. I don't think there were any spoilers there, either, at least none that haven't already been officially disseminated, but (I think) I discuss process and stuff a bit more. Anyhow, here's the podcast --

I also did a lengthy interview with our friends at The Futon Critic, one of the best sites for folks interested in the television business, pilots, ratings and all the rest. Not sure when that's going to run, but I believe it may be out sometime this week as well. That's more of a career-spanning piece, though of course BSG is mentioned often and with great enthusiasm. Anyhow, you can check out their site at: