Thursday, March 27, 2008

Passport Fun!

Preparing to head up North to help get the next episode of Battlestar off and running, I discovered to my chagrin that my passport has disappeared into the labyrinth that I laughingly call "home." After going through the seven steps of "having lost a passport" denial ("come on, it has to be here", "where the hell is it?", "ahh for Christ's sake!!!", etc.) I ventured onto the U.S. Government site and prepared myself for what I was sure would be a lengthy and unfortunate battle with red tape.

Well, in a world where everyone bitches and moans about Government service, let me offer a rare contrary story. I made a next day appointment at the local passport office (which, lucky me, is only about seven miles away), and twenty minutes later, "voila." The guards were all helpful, the clerks knowledgeable, and I'll have my new passport tomorrow. I may have a litany of issues with various U.S. institutions and policies, but when it comes to passport service, this administration gets an A+ from yours truly!