Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Star Trek Remastered - Doomsday Machine

I was always a fan of the original STAR TREK series more than the later extrapolations (a situation some might find ironic, given my current employer), down to buying all the original episodes on DVD and being able to trade quips about iconic dialogue. My fave episode was probably "The Doomsday Machine", partly because it was such a great sci-fi conceit (a "doomsday device" set loose by some unknown civilization that continues to rampage long after the original creators died), it was all set in space (no Greeks/Lincolns/alligator-head men), and Kirk does some cool deductive reasoning to solve the problem.

So now they're remastering the original episodes, rejittering the original effects and improving the music. I haven't actually seen one of these new episodes yet, but from the photos that have been appearing on Ain't It Cool News ( the people in charge are doing a pretty incredible job. I'm not really a stickler when it comes to maintaining every flub and flaw from the older show, as long as the repairs are in sync with the original intent. And these fixes sure seem to be that...


Blogger Christopher Mills said...

Saw the re-mastered "Journey to Babel" while in the hospital (don't have cable at home) and was very impressed. Simple things – like having the planet Vulcan be the same color from shot to shot, improved shuttle bay shots and having a few new variations on the standard Enterprise flybys – added some very welcome and unobtrusive freshness to a very familiar experience.

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