Sunday, February 04, 2007

At Last The Super Bowl...

Ahh, yes, finally the big day has come. Two mighty teams meet on the field of battle in an epic competition of...

Sorry... who's playing, again? I guess I'm one of those un-American fiends who has never enjoyed football and couldn't care less about Super Bowl Sunday, except to note that it's a great day to hit the malls or have a nice, peaceful dinner out, since so many folks are glued to the tube. Me, I'm listening to the "dynamic guitar sounds of the Clee-Shays" (Sundazed CD 11049) and working on various projects until the game starts, then we're off to some desolate restaurant for some family fun.

Oddly, while I have no problem with people who DO enjoy football, there are a lot of people who are stunned insensible to discover someone has no interest in the sport. As your classic "big guy", I was always relgated to tackle or some other blunt-instrument position back in High School, so maybe that colored my experience a little. Anyhow, for those devoted to the sport, knock yourselves out!

There's no new BATTLESTAR this evening because of the game, but two repeats for those who may have fallen behind. At 11:00 PM, "Rapture" and at midnight, "Taking a Break From All Your Worries." Prime TiVo material, or a nice break after the interminable Super Bowl wrap-ups, analysis-es, post-mortems and "etc."


Blogger Logan Gawain said...

I think the big game is between the Picon Panthers, vs. the Caprica Buchcaneers.

So, it's either Go Panthers, or C-Bucks Rule!

11:21 AM  

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