Thursday, February 08, 2007

The Smokehouse

Mark Evanier has a nice rememberance of times spent at the Smokehouse restaurant in Burbank, which was evidently a hotbed of animation writers/artists back in the day. The restaurant is literally across the street from Warner Brothers and designed to handle large parties... so if you ever want to see a lot of TV writers in the same place, visit the Smokehouse on a Monday in late May or early June, when all the shows are coming together and the showrunners take everyone out for their first lunch.

I've been there for several of these events, including a couple awkward times when writers who have been fired from one show and moved on find themselves in close proximity to their previous employers. In the words of John Stewart, "awwwwk-waaarrrrd."

But the food isn't bad and there's a full bar, an absolute necessity when you're dealing with writers. Mr. Evanier's article can be seen at:


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