Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Battlestar Galactica - Day In The Life Video

There's a nice video-blog piece on the location used for the Adama home on Caprica up at the Sci-Fi Channel website. This sequence appears in "A Day In The Life", written by yours truly, and due up Sunday after next. In "Day" you will meet Bill Adama's ex-wife and learn some interesting new tidbits about the Admiral...

You'll notice narrator Colin reveling in the sunshine on the location day... weather's always hit or miss in lovely, albeit sometimes/often wet Vancouver. While scouting the house, there was much discussion about what to do if it happened to rain on the shoot day... it can get pretty complicated, logistically, especially since there's a large koi pond in the background. If it rains and you can see the pond, you're going to see rain drops splashing. If it stops raining for a different set up, well, then somebody has to start throwing some rain down into the pond so the shots match. Meaning you either bring a rain machine, just in case, or tent over the pond so there IS no chance of rain, or... shoot away from the pond. Which kind of defeats the purpose of finding a very cool house with a very nice pond in the first place...

Fortunately, nature cooperated this time and as you'll see, they got a pretty day on a very lovely location. Anyhow, the link is:



Blogger Imajazzbaby said...

Okay, been looking for this for awhile. Great read.

Remember Debbie Dean from downtown L.A.? Nice to see you again.

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