Monday, November 26, 2007

WGA Strike - Days 20, 21, 22

We're in the middle of day #22, but I've completed my early morning picket duty, and besides, the news of the day is that a settlement is imminent. Or so says Nikke Finke in today's Deadline Hollywood column. Ms. Finke is careful to caveat the report, but she's been pretty good at reading the tea leaves so far, so... I guess we'll see. My idea of a great Christmas present would be a resolution of the strike and, oh, a nice bottle of Hirsch Rye Whiskey. In that order.

We had quite a crowd at this morning's strike line, despite this being week four and some expectation (in "some" quarters) that folks might start peeling off. I don't get that sense at all, in fact, all signs point to the contrary. I'm seeing new faces on the line all the time, and our resolve remains steady.

Boy, it gets cold in the Valley at 6:00AM, but on the other hand there is a beautiful sunrise coming, and NO TRAFFIC (on the way out).

Going back was another story, since I was caught in the middle of a high speed car chase on my way home. Apparently some carjacking lunatic was going 120MPH (!) down the 101 freeway. He passed me, tailed by a caravan of police cars, then evidently took an exit and doubled around, because I saw him backtracking in the opposing lanes a few moments later. I was just mad I couldn't get home and watch it on teevee (talk about a guilty pleasure!), but I guess the lunatic wrecked his car going over some sort of barrier, took off on foot and was grabbed by the cops. A happy ending!


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