Saturday, November 10, 2007

WGA Strike - Day 6

First, an interesting article from Media Life Magazine...

Second, a link to Mark Evanier's site and a three minute clip of a remarkable mini-speech that was given at the big Thursday summit meeting just before the strike. A writer named Howard Gould, a self-professed moderate, totally nailed the issues at hand and I remember getting that "yeah, that's right!" feeling as he wrapped up. I wasn't alone, since as Mark notes Mr. Gould got a standing ovation from the writers still in attendance. Well worth a listen.

Once you check Mark's site, read on for his other strike commentary. I've had the same experience that he has; people I never, ever expected to see backing a strike or marching on a picket line have picked up the mantle this time. There is an issue of flat-out unfairness in the studio stance that has trumped the usual, vocal trepidation over taking it to the streets.


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