Friday, November 23, 2007

WGA Strike - Days 16,17,18,19 + BRUCE CAMPBELL!

I'm spending the week in my hometown of Portland Oregon, usually rainy and cold but this year sunny and REALLY cold. I'm sorry I missed Tuesday's big WGA rally on Hollywood Blvd., which from the photos looked like quite an event, but I'll be back on the picket line bright and early Monday morning.

Most of this trip has been spent with family, but I did spend an afternoon with my friends at Dark Horse Comics and Bruce Campbell, who was up to review some MY NAME IS BRUCE stuff. We discussed everything EXCEPT the BRUCE sequel, since I'm on strike, yes, even against MY NAME IS BRUCE LTD., and can't mull new projects until this mess is resolved. Oh well.

For what it's worth, plans are still afoot to get the first BRUCE epic out in the Summer of 2008. There has been some consternation about how long it's taking to get the picture finished, but welcome to the world of indie filmmaking. Bruce likes to say indie films aren't released, they escape, and that's pretty much the story here.

I did take another look at the soon to be released EVIL DEAD comic pages, and once again I was dazzled by John Bolton's amazing art. This book is finished, done, complete, ready to go, so there will be no delays or late issues... a miracle!

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