Monday, November 26, 2007


As in the English rock band, popular in the late 70's and 80's, recently reunited for a tour. Songwriters/singers Difford and Tilbrook have been faves around here since their first album, and so anything unleashed from these folks is welcome indeed.

First up, a new live disc, "Five Live", featuring performances from their 2007 tour. Sound quality is exquisite, performances are great and if you like Squeeze, you're probably already trying to find it. (I got mine from, but I believe Amazon UK also has it on sale).

Next, Tilbrook's releasing the second in a series of five (!) discs of demos. The first bunch, "The Past Has Been Bottled", was from the 80's, the next one is going to be from the early 90's. Don't have this in my greedy paws yet, but if the first release is any indication, it'll be a must-have item.

Finally, and definitely least but what the heck, the entire Squeeze catalog has been reissued in Japan in paper sleeves, as in identical reproductions of the original vinyl LP sleeves. Nothing new about that, there are hundreds of these paper sleeve reissues available for an incredible array of bands (Rubinoos? Rachel Sweet? Raspberries? Check!), but I admire the anal retentiveness of this particular release. The album "Cool For Cats" was original released in five different colored jackets, and the Japanese reissue actually comes with all five sleeves (though just one disc). I guess I just love that someone's actually more obsessive than me when it comes to this stuff!


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