Wednesday, November 28, 2007

WGA Strike - Day 24 + this is post #300 (!)

No weather report or reports of any kind today, since I'm under the weather and trying to recuperate. I suspect my comrades on the Barham gate soldiered on despite my infirmity, and with any luck I'll be back out with them for day #25. Meanwhile, rumors continue to abound about settlements close and yet so far; the scattered reports provide fodder to discuss on the line but otherwise don't mean much.

In other news, this is indeed my 300th posting on this blog. Who could have imagined? If I felt better I'd expound even further, but I'm afraid this is the special "man down! Bring the bloodstopper!" edition of FMVOF. FYI, "Bloodstopper" is nasty medical powder that will be featured in an upcoming season-four episode of BATTLESTAR. Evidently it's something you pour into bad wounds to quickly cauterize the area; i.e., it burns like an S.O.B. This lovely bit courtesy the diabolical medical/military mind of BSG writer/producer Bradley Thompson. Now, whenever someone on staff is feeling sick, the call goes out for "bloodstopper! More bloodstopper!"

Though I don't think it would have much effect on my sore throat, so back off, Bradley!


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