Monday, November 12, 2007

WGA Strike - Day 8

I can post even earlier than usual because I was on a picket line even earlier than usual, 6AM to 10AM. There's still a lot of press (our line was interviewed by Entertainment Tonight, KNBC and CNBC) and much frenzied honking from passing motorists. Our strike Captain, Mick, is an amazing force of nature who keeps our spirits up with his incredible enthusiasm, but we're all motivated. And what a group, from seasoned feature writers to first-timers, staff writers to show-runners, and every step in between.

There's been some confusion about the upcoming "fan day", but it's definitely Friday and it's open to fans of ALL shows, not just BSG. More details as they become available, but keep Friday open! Meet the writers of some of your favorite shows! Watch them walk on aching feet!

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