Thursday, November 15, 2007

WGA Strike - Day 11

Another glorious early morning picket at the Barham gate behind Universal. Sure is pretty out at 5:30AM... and MUCH cooler. We've been walking over a peculiar burn-mark in the pavement most of this week... evidently an SUV (as opposed to an SVU, whose writers have been marching with BSG since the beginning) caught fire at that very spot one evening earlier this week. Perhaps scorched by the residual fury of the writers?

Big news is tomorrow (Friday), of course. It is an unofficial "fan day," and here is the poop as best I know it... BSG fans can meet with the writers at the big Universal sign on Lankershim, the one on Lankershim that marks the entrance to City Walk. (There's no gate #). Last I checked, the staff will be marching from 10:00AM to Noon or so, but that's been a little fluid, some may be there a little earlier.

You won't be meeting me, unfortunately, because I have a prior personal committment, but I'll be there in spirit. Hopefully no more cars will erupt in flame, either. Give my peeps a shout-out!


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