Saturday, July 02, 2011

Falling Skies And Other Aliens

Some odds and ends:

This week on FALLING SKIES: "Grace." Written by Melinda Hsu Taylor and directed by Fred Toye, the aliens up the ante on the 2nd Mass! And the quest to find out how the skitters tick continues. 10PM Sunday on TNT!

Just watched the blu-ray version of James Cameron's Aliens. I must have watched this film a couple dozen times when I was writing the Dark Horse Aliens comics, so it's been awhile since I had a fresh viewing. And wow. The high def version is glorious and I had forgotten just how darn well this movie plays. There isn't a misstep in the entire picture, and even more humor than I recalled. Bill Paxton's whiny Marine is fantastic, and even little Carrie Henn (Newt) gets in a couple of good wisecracks. And then there are the firefights. I'm not all that impressed with pyrotechnics these days, but Aliens gets it exactly right.

Also been watching episodes of All In The Family on TVLand. Some topical sitcoms don't travel so well, but this show is still really, really good. And (like with Aliens) I'd forgotten just how great Carroll O'Connor and Jean Stapleton are as the two leads. I've been watching later post-Meathead episodes, and the balance between humor and humanity is really impressive.


Valaquen said...

Loved the Dark Horse instalments of Aliens you worked on; really wished they'd been picked up for Alien 3 rather than the version we got. I actually wrote about Book One and Two for on my Alien blog, Strange Shapes, in an article exploring the alternate fates of Newt and Hicks post-Alien 3, and I concluded:

"Like Alien 3, there is no sunset, but unlike Alien 3, there is a sense of progression. The characters grow, they shift, they change, they wither, and they are absolutely not traded and discarded for a desire to shock. The story, featuring nasty, duplicitous and murderous humans, Alien worshipping fanatics, traumatised souls, and not to mention a bleak ending for humanity, is as pessimistic as Alien 3, though not as devoutly hopeless."

An excellent and much loved series. Thank you for them!

Mark Verheiden said...

Very impressive piece, Valaquen! Thanks for the heads up.

Valaquen said...

I'm planning on writing an article dedicated to the early Dark Horse ALIENS adaptions one day, considering so many ALIENS fans love them.

Thanks Mark!