Wednesday, July 27, 2011

San Diego, Falling Skies, Etc.

I've been swamped with varied and sundry since returning from this year's San Diego ComicCon, but I had the usual great albeit exhausting time. It actually seemed a little less crowded this year, but probably because I didn't even attempt to make any of the mega panels in the larger halls. Our Falling Skies panel was well received by 2000+ fans and it was great seeing the cast and fellow producers once more.

I did try to get into the Battlestar panel (I was late) but security gave me the heave ho. I guess they were just doing their jobs, but security did seem especially tight this year. I had less trouble touring the classified Nevada Test Site (near area 51!). Oops. Maybe I shouldn't have mentioned that.

Finally, this week's Falling Skies was written by yours truly and explores the enigma that is Will Patton's character, Cap. Dan Weaver. Oh, and there are also skitters, mechs, and a creepy reveal that I will discuss post-airing. 10PM Sunday night on TNT!


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