Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Carmageddon Descends... and SHREK!

All sorts of dire predictions are floating about as a result of an impending freeway closure here in lovely Southern California. One of Westside L.A. main traffic arteries, the 405, is going to close between the I-10 and 101 freeways beginning early Saturday AM and theoretically finishing at 5:00 AM on Monday morning. Seems an old bridge needs to be torn down, and now's the time to do (some of) the tearing.

Usually I would be fine hunkering down and watching my backed-up TiVo recordings (just re-watched Seven Days In May and Fail-Safe, both great paranoid 60's political thrillers), but we've got tickets to see the touring version of the musical Shrek, which stars my college/movie making buddy Matt's step-daughter Haven Burton.

Did I digress? Anyhow, I was in Los Angeles for the 1984 Olympics, when similar predictions of traffic hell were bandied about. However, to everyone's surprise (especially mine), traffic was actually better than ever during the games. After employers changed around schedules and lots of people just decided to leave, it was clear sailing on most roads. I was lucky enough to see several Olympic events, but the best part of that event was the de-logjammed roads.

So I wonder what will happen this time. Massive gridlock, causing a Shrek-missing disappointment, traffic bliss, or something in between? I will check in post-Carmageddon with my on-the-spot reporting...


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Hahaha.....check this out. Your exact situation was one of the items.

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