Friday, July 15, 2011

Falling Skies, Carmageddon, Etc.

This week on Falling Skies, "Sanctuary Part 1." Written by Joel Thompson, directed by Sergio Mimica Gezzan, the 2nd Mass finds itself embroiled in conflict when Weaver refuses to raise the camp's debt limit and... wait, sorry, I was momentarily confused. The camp is embroiled in conflict when word arrives that the aliens are coming their way. *Whew*. THAT'S Falling Skies. Guest starring Henry (Mission Impossible!) Czerny. Instead of braving the madness of caramageddon this weekend, all residents of Los Angeles should instead be glued to their TVs at 10PM Sunday night on TNT!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

About the upcoming Dark Tower Film: My opinion is that they should make it into a series because i have read all the books and it is a powerful piece of work by the talented Stephen King. Making a singular or even a number of movies originating from the books will ruin the exquisite details that will be noticed. I think making it into a film instead of a seven season series is a great mistake and will ruin the masterpiece called the Dark Tower

7:51 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The name is Damian by the way, true Stephen King fan.

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