Friday, July 08, 2011

More Falling Skies!

Falling Skies will be the subject of a panel at San Diego Con this year, Friday afternoon at 3:15. Check the convention site for all the details, but I will be there and I was try not to be square. I will also be joining composer Noah Sorota for a composer's panel on Thursday. After those events, I'll be on the floor trying to buy old comic books and check out a few panels myself!

In other news, I chatter up a storm about the show at the WGA's blogsite:

And finally, this Sunday on Falling Skies, "Silent Kill." Written by Joe Weisberg, directed by Fred Toye, the intrepid members of the 2nd Mass learn more about the alien methods and Hal gets up-close and personal with the skitters. Hint: they don't like it. 10PM Sunday night on TNT!


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