Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Falling Skies - Skitters Taste Like Chicken?

I've actually been asked by two different writers if there are any plans for the hearty members of the 2nd Mass to, well, eat the alien skitters. Food is scarce in their post-invasion world and what the hell, right? I hate to give any advance "spoiler" type info, but in this instance I think it's okay. NO. There are no yum-yum roast skitter feasts in season one. I doubt even the Pope character could make those grisly looking things appetizing, though maybe with some chili and a little salsa...

(Evidently there is already a blog post up that suggests they "taste like chicken." If you say so!)

Also I understand there is going to be a Falling Skies panel at the San Diego ComicCon this year, with previews of some surprises to come. I haven't missed an SD Con since 1983 and this won't be the first, barring disaster, so I hope to see you there! And no, TNT will NOT be serving skitter!


Blogger Valaquen said...

You know, here in Scotland, 'skitters' is a 'Scottism' for ... well, diarrhoea. Crude, I know, but funny how language is, eh?

It's quite sad that I have nothing to contribute but this...

11:13 AM  

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