Tuesday, January 22, 2008

WGA Strike - Days 77, 78, 79

Back channel negotiations between the AMPTP and the WGA are beginning, hopefully to lead toward formal negotiations where we can reach deal nirvana, that glorious place where all sides can walk away feeling like they got something. The WGA's opted for another news blackout during this period, and there's no secret "members only" conduit (Nikke Finke at Deadline:Hollywood doesn't count), so for now it's just wait and see.

I've been under the weather and so off the line the last couple of days, but word from my sources say the mood continues to be "determined." And I've got strike on the brain... I was watching an episode of MONK the other day and there was one of those great "TV" strikes, where the agitated picketers are all shaking non-specific signs ("Unfair!") and screaming with great vigor. All I could think was, boy, I'd have been gasping after fifteen minutes of all that frenzied screaming and shaking. Real life long-term picketing tends to be a little less dramatic, I guess...


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