Monday, January 07, 2008

WGA Strike BREAKING NEWS: Famous Mark Verheidens Thrown Out Of The Wynn!

Dateline: Las Vegas. Me, Jane Espenson and some nice fans gathered to pass out some informational WGA leaflets to passing Consumer Electronics Show journalists inside the Wynn casino this evening. That is, we WERE passing them out until hotel security told us to, well, leave. I thought we were being quite polite, but evidently someone decided to be snitty. Having seen Scorsese's CASINO far too many times, we hit the bricks as ordered. Oh, the shame.

Ironically, the Wynn is the very same casino/hotel where the BSG staff sat down last year this time to start discussing BATTLESTAR season four. There is also some small irony in being tossed out of a "press" event, first amendment and all that. But perhaps the largest irony is that I actually have a slot hostess at the Wynn, after some heavy play at that self-same BSG season-four breaking session. "Oh well..."


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