Saturday, January 19, 2008

WGA Strike - Days 75, 76

So a little time has passed and some analysis has been done on the DGA's deal with the AMPTP, and whether it makes sense as a springboard for the WGA. Evidently informal talks have started between the WGA negotiators and the other side, which is an enormous first step. Meanwhile, controversy reigns re: the details of the DGA agreement, to the point where I'm not sure the actual nitty-gritty of the agreement have actually been made public or available to the WGA negotiating team yet.

Personally, and based on this limited info, I'm still sorting it out. But here are some places to go for varied and differing views on the DGA agreement and what it means for writers.

First, television producer John Wells has weighed in with a laudatory opinion. I worked with John a few years back on a pilot and consider him one of the true good guys in this racket. You can find that piece at

(Hat-tip for the Wells letter to Mark Evanier, whose own remains an invaluable resource as well.)

As always, has a flurry of good information about the DGA deal and the WGA's official reaction at the moment.

Meanwhile, over at the Huffington Post, writer Robert Elisberg reflects on the "why now" of it all:

I'll post more as it becomes available...


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