Sunday, January 13, 2008

EVIL DEAD #1 - It's on the stands. Yes, really!

Years in the making, months in the printing, weeks in the shipping, EVIL DEAD #1 is finally on the funny book stands. I just made Kevin Smith a few cents richer by buying two copies from his new "Secret Stash" store nestled in the back of Laser Blazer, my favorite Los Angeles DVD store. (My good friends at Dark Horse Comics neglected to provide any "advance" copies and I wanted to see how it looked.)

Incidentally, I read a review where someone assumed that since the EVIL DEAD series has been gestating for so long, something must be "wrong" that prevented a more timely release. Umm, "no." Basically, this was a case where two really busy boys (me and painter John Bolton) were given the time to realistically fit this baby in our schedules. So, no, Dark Horse wasn't cringing and waiting for some opportune moment to slip this in under the radar; rather, they waited for us to finish the entire four issue series and then solicited it. I believe that's called "responsible publishing." So get out there and snatch it off the stands before it's too late!


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