Saturday, January 19, 2008

Random Pop Culture Comments...

The movie Cloverfield is a wild ride, and for once I mean that almost in the literal sense. I sat close to the screen for this baby and the shaky-cam almost made me nauseous, and this from a guy who works on shaky ol' Battlestar Galactica. (Jeez, I thought even low-end video cameras had image stabilizing built into them these days...)

Springsteen's current, live tour version of "Reason To Believe" is amazing. For Southern California types, the upcoming April Anaheim Pond stint is a must see.

The latest issue of The Comics Journal (Jan. 2008) has an interesting article on Mort Weisinger, legendary editor of the craziest silver-age Superman comics and (evidently) legendary jerk. His son is quoted as having fond memories of spending the day with Dad and watching him ream some unfortunate writer or artist (!). For more insightful psychoanalysis, you'll have to buy the mag...

The great rock band The Smithereens will be recording tracks for a new live album starting the end of January in lovely New Jersey. Check out lead singer Pat Dinizio's site ( for the gruesome details.


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