Thursday, January 03, 2008

WGA Strike - Day 59, 60

Well, LATE NIGHT went back on with writers, LENO without, and the world didn't spin off its axis. I don't do politics much on this blog, but it does seem like a pretty dumb move on Mike Huckabee's part to cross a picket line first chance he could and do Leno. Evidently Huck shrugged his shoulders and said he thought there had been a waiver granted to ALL late night shows, but even once that had been straightened out, he still did his schtick... so much for "labor friendly."

And according to Nikke Finke, some big name writers (she names one) have recently gone financial core. Unfortunately, the guy she "outs" is a fairly well know media personality and hence gets more attention than some. Until it's confirmed I will withhold judgment, but if true... it's pretty damn sad.

And as we hit day 60...


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