Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Star Trek Vanguard: Agent Verheiden, Reporting!

I just got a copy of a new Star Trek novel, "Star Trek Vanguard: Reap The Whirlwind" from the author, David Mack. Haven't had a chance to read it yet, but David very kindly name-checked me and former BSG writer Anne Cofell-Saunders, making us agents on a mission to smuggle someone off Starbase 47. Hopefully I die a horrible and unfortunate death, like the character named after me in the ALIEN VS PREDATOR movie.

Anyhow, you name a character after me and that's worth a link! A tip of the Verheiden lid to Mr. Mack, and if anyone would care to post a review, the comments section awaits!

Star Trek: Vanguard #3: Reap the Whirlwind (Star Trek)


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