Sunday, June 10, 2007

My Name Is Bruce Gets Palmed

I made a quick dash to Las Vegas Saturday night (6/9) to check out the sold out screening of MY NAME IS BRUCE at the Cinevegas Film Festival, over at the Palms Casino. The movie is still a work in progress (temp score, temp sound, no FX yet) but I think the audience still got it. Bruce DA MAN Campbell himself was there to introduce the epic and to conduct a Q & A post screening. Other MNIB luminaries on hand included Mike Richardson (head honcho from Dark Horse Entertainment) and our Director of Photography Gary Kout. We're still looking at trying to get this baby together and into theaters around October, then out on DVD.

Oddest question of the night came from a woman in the audience who was surprised to discover Bruce was making movies; she only knew him from his "cowboy show" (BRISCO COUNTY). One wiseacre wondered why there wasn't any full frontal nudity in MNIB, and there were a couple questions about the budget. Bruce was in full D.I.Y. mode, though, when it came to questions about diving into the film biz. With digital video cheap to shoot and You Tube as a distribution portal, there's no reason a fledgling filmmaker can't just go out there and do their thing...


Blogger jkel said...

Brisco County Jr is one of the greatest series of all time. The woman should be lauded and thrown a party.

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